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Willow roots easily when 'planted'

having been freshly cut after leaf fall and

before leaf bud - that is, during December, January and February.

A criss/cross living willow 'Fedge'

showing growth in early summer.

Simply push long willow whips into the ground at an angle to form the pattern.

Use as a boundary, to divide sections of

your garden or to create a secret area for children (or adults !).

A living willow Tunnel

showing growth in early summer.

Long willow whips pushed into the ground and woven together over a pathway will root easily and create an archway or a long shady tunnel.

Use tunnels to divide or link sections of

your garden or as a play area for children - they don't have to be full height - why not make them lower to be crawled through to lead to a secret willow playhouse !

Living willow can

be used to create

height and form in your garden, to make attractive, practical, useable structures - and it's FUN !

Making simple living willow structures with long willow whips is very easy. 

Whilst there are skilled craftsmen and women creating wonderful and intricate structures

on a large scale in public parks and other areas, there is no reason why you cannot make your own beautiful and practical living willow structures in your own garden.

We provide full instructions with our kits and you will see from other pages on our site

how straightforward it is to make living willow 'fedges' (a cross between a fence and a hedge), 

living willow tunnels (for children and adults), living willow bowers (to put a seat in to relax on), living willow playhouses (for children to have fun in) and living willow 'sculptures'.

You can buy one of our living willow kits or buy willow whips and 'build' to your own design.

Whilst many of our customers are ordering willow to create living willow structures in

their own gardens, we are also sending a lot of willow to schools - either ordered by

parents groups or by teachers for class/school projects.

Increasingly schools have special wildlife gardens, or natural play areas or

quiet areas for the children and living willow structures are ideal for all of these locations.

The creating of designs, planting and growing of the willow can also be applied to elements of the National Curriculum.